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Table 3 De novo prediction on benchmark datasets

From: A unified solution for different scenarios of predicting drug-target interactions via triple matrix factorization

1 D D00947 hsa:4129 CD D00546 hsa2566 K D02250 hsa6751 C D00182 hsa2099
2 M D00528 hsa:1549 D D00546 hsa2567 CD D02358 hsa154 C D00348 hsa6258
3 CMD D00437 hsa:1559 CK D00553 hsa6336 D D00079 hsa5731 CK D00348 hsa5915
4 D00188 hsa:1594 D05024 hsa774 KD D00106 hsa5739 D00348 hsa190
5 M D00437 hsa:1585 M D00775 hsa2898 KD D00095 hsa155 CKD D00690 hsa2908
6 D03670 hsa:1579 CD D00546 hsa2555 KD D00442 hsa6755 D00348 hsa6096
7 D D05458 hsa:4128 C D01768 hsa6331 D00682 hsa5739 CK D00348 hsa5916
8 D D03365 hsa:1548 C D00495 hsa8913 KD D00095 hsa150 D00348 hsa6257
9 CD D00097 hsa:5743 D D00546 hsa2564 K D00682 hsa5737 D00348 hsa6256
10 D00691 hsa:5152 CD D00546 hsa2561 K D00442 hsa6753 D00348 hsa6097