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Fig. 3

From: LSM-W2: laser scanning microscopy worker for wheat leaf surface morphology

Fig. 3

Analysis of the pavement cells morphological parameters for wheat cv. Rodina under control and water deficit conditions. a Principal component analysis (PCA) of morphological parameters (area (A), perimeter (P), length (L), width (W), elongation (El), circularity (C), rectangularity (R) of cell’s projection, volume of cell’s nuclear (NV), and type of longitudinal cell row (FT)) for the pavement cells under control (blue star), and water deficit (red cross) conditions; ellipses contain 95% of the sample elements. b-c Heat map marking for a fragment of the leaf epidermal pattern between two adjacent vessels based on morphological parameters of cells (length, width, elongation, and circularity) for control (B) and water deficit conditions (C). 874 cells were segmented for control, and 519 cells were segmented for water deficit conditions. The change in color from blue to yellow corresponds to a change in the corresponding parameter from the minimum to the maximum values

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