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Fig. 4

From: LSM-W2: laser scanning microscopy worker for wheat leaf surface morphology

Fig. 4

Epidermal cell pattern in the growth zone of the wheat leaf. ac The processing steps are demonstrated on a small part of the image. a The virtual cut reflecting the cellular structure of the epidermal layer. b Segmentation of the cell walls performed using a program CellSeT [14]. c Manual marking of cells types based on longitudinal cell rows emergence. Scale bars for A-C: 100 μm. d The diagram of spatial distribution for cell types on the whole fragment (1721 cells). Cells were clustered by K-means for five clusters based on x coordinate of the centroid, area, perimeter, length, width, elongation, circularity. e Principal component analysis of morphological parameters for the epidermal cells in the growing zone (area (A), perimeter (P), length (L), width (W), elongation (El), circularity (C), rectangularity (R) of cell’s projection). Colors of points indicate cell type and correspond to the diagram (D)

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