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Table 3 The association between KCF-S “RING C1x-C1x-C1y(C1z)-C1y(C1x)-C1y(C1x)-C1z(C1a+C1y)” and KEGG pathway module “hsa_M00110 C19/C18-Steroid hormone biosynthesis”

From: Network-based characterization of drug-protein interaction signatures with a space-efficient approach

KCF-S RING C1x-C1x-C1y(C1z)-C1y(C1x)-C1y(C1x)-C1z(C1a+C1y)  
Module hsa_M00110 C19/C18-Steroid hormone biosynthesis  
Drug D00040 Cholesterol (pharmaceutic aid) D00066 Progesterone (progestin)
  D00067 Estrone (estrogen) D00075 Testosterone (androgen)
  D00105 Estradiol (estrogen) D00182 Norethisterone (progestin)
  D00185 Estriol (estrogen) D00289 Danazol (Anterior pituitary suppressant)
  D00312 Estrone sodium sulfate (estrogen) D00321 Finasteride (alpha-reductase inhibitor)
  D00389 Metandienone (androgen) D00408 Methyltestosterone (androgen)
  D00443 Spironolactone (diuretic) D00444 Stanozolol (androgen)
  D00462 Oxandrolone (androgen) D00490 Oxymetholone (androgen)
  D00492 Pancuronium (neuromuscular blocking agent) D00554 Ethinylestradiol (estrogen)
  D00575 Mestranol (estrogen) D00734 Ursodeoxycholic acid (anticholelithogenic)
  D00765 Rocuronium (neuromuscular blocking agent) D00767 Vecuronium (neuromuscular blocking agent)
  D00818 Maprotiline hydrochloride (antidepressant) D00948 Estropipate (estrogen)
  D00949 Hydroxyprogesterone caproate (progestin) D00951 Medroxyprogesterone acetate (progestin)
  D00952 Megestrol acetate (antineoplastic) D00953 Norethisterone acetate (progestin)
  D00954 Norgestrel (progestin) D00955 Nandrolone decanoate (androgen)
  D00956 Nandrolone phenylpropionate (androgen) D00957 Testosterone cypionate (androgen)
  D00958 Testosterone enanthate (androgen) D00959 Testosterone propionate (androgen)
  D00963 Exemestane (antineoplastic) D01161 Fulvestrant (antiestrogen)
  D01180 Trilostane (adrenocortical suppressant) D01217 Dydrogesterone (progestin)
  D01299 Chlormadinone acetate (progestin) D01301 Metenolone enanthate (anabolic)
  D01368 Cyproterone acetate (anti-androgen) D01375 Metenolone acetate (anabolic)
  D01413 Estradiol valerate (estrogen) D01617 Estradiol dipropionate (estrogen)
  D01639 Tibolone (Menopausal symptoms suppressant) D01943 Potassium canrenoate (aldosterone antagonist)
  D01953 Estradiol benzoate (estrogen) D01986 Estriol tripropionate (estrogen)
  D01989 Estriol diacetate benzoate (estrogen) D02566 Maprotiline (antidepresant)
  D03820 Dutasteride (prostatic hyperplasia) D03917 Drospirenone (aldosterone antagonist)
  D04061 Estradiol acetate (estrogen) D04063 Estradiol cypionate (estrogen)
  D04064 Estradiol enanthate (estrogen) D04065 Estradiol undecylate (estrogen)
  D04066 Estramustine (antineoplastic) D04316 Gestodene (progestin)
  D04947 Mesterolone (androgen) D05020 Mexrenoate potassium (aldosterone antagonist)
  D05209 Norgestimate (progestin) D05640 Prorenoate potassium (aldosterone antagonist)
  D06085 Testosterone ketolaurate (androgen) D06086 Testosterone phenylacetate (androgen)
  D06087 Testosterone undecanoate (testosterone) D07121 Alfatradiol (five alfa-reductase inhibitor)
  D07127 Norethandrolone (anabolic) D07221 Promestriene (estrogen)
  D07222 Nomegestrol (progestin) D07670 Chlormadinone (progestin)
  D07766 Cyproterone (antiandrogen) D07918 Estradiol hemihydrate (estrogen)
  D07919 Estradiol 17 beta-hemisuccinate (estrogen) D07920 Estriol succinate (estrogen)
  D07921 Estriol sodium succinate (estrogen) D08052 Hydroxyprogesterone (progestin)
  D08166 Medroxyprogesterone (progestin, antineoplastic) D08167 Megestrol (progestin)
  D08250 Nandrolone (anabolic, ophthalmic) D08281 Nomegestrol acetate (contraceptive)
  D08285 Norethisterone enantate (progestin) D08409 Prasterone (androgen)
  D08573 Testosterone decanoate (androgen) D08574 Testosterone phenylpropionate (androgen)
  D09701 Abiraterone acetate (anticancer)  
Protein hsa:1586 cytochrome P450, family 17, subfamily A  
  hsa:1588 cytochrome P450, family 19, subfamily A  
  hsa:3283 steroid delta-isomerase  
  hsa:3284 steroid delta-isomerase  
  1. See also Fig. 5