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Table 4 The association between KCF-S “SKELETON C5a(N1b+O5a)-C1c(N1b)-C1b-C8y-C8x-C8x-C8x-C8x-C8x” and KEGG pathway “hsa03050 Proteasome”

From: Network-based characterization of drug-protein interaction signatures with a space-efficient approach

KCF-S SKELETON C5a(N1b+O5a)-C1c(N1b)-C1b-C8y-C8x-
Pathway hsa03050 Proteasome
Drug D00284 Cosyntropin (hormone, adrenocorticotropic)
  D02108 Indium In 111 pentetreotide (radioactive agent)
  D03150 Bortezomib (anticancer, proteasome inhibitor)
  D08880 Carfilzomib (anticancer, proteasome inhibitor)
Protein hsa:3458 interferon gamma
  hsa:5682 - hsa:5688 20S proteasome subunit alpha 1-7
  hsa:5689 - hsa:5699 20S proteasome subunit beta 1-10
  hsa:5707, hsa:5708, hsa:5713 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N1, N2, N8
  1. See also Fig. 6