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Table 1 List of primary models analyzed

From: Adaptive information processing of network modules to dynamic and spatial stimuli

Signal → model (reaction network) characteristic First order reversible reaction First order irreversible reaction Zeroth order reaction
Feedback MA09.FB, DR08.M4 DR08.M1**, (DR08.M6) DR12.M1-8
Incoherent Feedforward MA09.FF, KR11 (DR08.M7) KR09, CO09.M1, CO09.M2, KI14
Open System DR08.M1, DR08.M31, DR08.M32, DR08.M33, DR08.M34 (DR08.M4) DR08.M1*, DR08.M1**, DR08.M2, DR08.M32, Dr08.M34, DR08.M6, DR08.M7 DR12.M1-8
Special Cases TC