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Volume 12 Supplement 2

Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Genome Informatics: systems biology


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Seoul, Korea31 October - 3 November 2017

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Edited by Insuk Lee.

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  1. Cell surface proteins have provided useful targets and biomarkers for advanced cancer therapies. The recent clinical success of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) highlights the importance of finding selective su...

    Authors: Yourae Hong, Choa Park, Nayoung Kim, Juyeon Cho, Sung Ung Moon, Jongmin Kim, Euna Jeong and Sukjoon Yoon
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):17
  2. Recently, there have been several attempts to produce long-chain dicarboxylic acids (DCAs) in various microbial hosts. Of these, Yarrowia lipolytica has great potential due to its oleaginous characteristics and u...

    Authors: Pranjul Mishra, Na-Rae Lee, Meiyappan Lakshmanan, Minsuk Kim, Byung-Gee Kim and Dong-Yup Lee
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):12
  3. With the rapid advancement of array-based genotyping techniques, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have successfully identified common genetic variants associated with common complex diseases. However, it...

    Authors: Minseok Kwon, Sangseob Leem, Joon Yoon and Taesung Park
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):19
  4. Regeneration is an important biological process for the restoration of organ mass, structure, and function after damage, and involves complex bio-physiological mechanisms including cell differentiation and imm...

    Authors: Fang-Yu Liu, Te-Cheng Hsu, Patrick Choong, Min-Hsuan Lin, Yung-Jen Chuang, Bor-Sen Chen and Che Lin
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):29
  5. The 16S rRNA gene-based amplicon sequencing analysis is widely used to determine the taxonomic composition of microbial communities. Once the taxonomic composition of each community is obtained, evolutionary r...

    Authors: Hiroshi Mori, Takayuki Maruyama, Masahiro Yano, Takuji Yamada and Ken Kurokawa
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):30
  6. Drug combination therapy, which is considered as an alternative to single drug therapy, can potentially reduce resistance and toxicity, and have synergistic efficacy. As drug combination therapies are widely u...

    Authors: Minji Jeon, Sunkyu Kim, Sungjoon Park, Heewon Lee and Jaewoo Kang
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):16
  7. Identifying gene regulatory networks is an important task for understanding biological systems. Time-course measurement data became a valuable resource for inferring gene regulatory networks. Various methods h...

    Authors: Sungjoon Park, Jung Min Kim, Wonho Shin, Sung Won Han, Minji Jeon, Hyun Jin Jang, Ik-Soon Jang and Jaewoo Kang
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):20
  8. One of the crucial steps toward understanding the associations among molecular interactions, pathways, and diseases in a cell is to investigate detailed atomic protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in the struct...

    Authors: Sing-Han Huang, Yu-Shu Lo, Yong-Chun Luo, Yu-Yao Tseng and Jinn-Moon Yang
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):13
  9. Gene Ontology (GO) is one of the most popular bioinformatics resources. In the past decade, Gene Ontology-based gene semantic similarity has been effectively used to model gene-to-gene interactions in multiple...

    Authors: Jiajie Peng, Xuanshuo Zhang, Weiwei Hui, Junya Lu, Qianqian Li, Shuhui Liu and Xuequn Shang
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):18
  10. Ginseng is a popular traditional herbal medicine in north-eastern Asia. It has been used for human health for over thousands of years. With the rise in global temperature, the production of Korean ginseng (Pan...

    Authors: Inuk Jung, Hyejin Kang, Jang Uk Kim, Hyeonsook Chang, Sun Kim and Woosuk Jung
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2018 12(Suppl 2):27