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Table 1 Protein complexes with essential functions are not enriched for subunits with over-expression phenotypes.

From: A simple principle concerning the robustness of protein complex activity to changes in gene expression

  Percentage genes with over-expression phenotype (total number of genes) P-value
All protein complex subunits 16% (943)  
Complex with no essential subunits 18% (255)  
Complex with at least one essential subunit 15% (688) 0.28a
Complex with >= 25% essential subunits 16% (447) 0.56a
Complex with >= 50% essential subunits 15% (371) 0.24a
Essential subunits of protein complex 14% (342) 0.24b
  1. a Significance of difference between the subunits of protein complexes with any, >= 25% or >= 50% essential subunits and the subunits of other complexes (Chi square test, 1 dof).
  2. b Significance of difference between essential and non-essential subunits of protein complexes (Chi square test, 1 dof).