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Table 2 Major clusters formed from the adjusted strength matrix.

From: A dynamic network of transcription in LPS-treated human subjects

Cluster Num. of genes Dominant transcription factors Avg. of pair-wise correlations P-value
A 18 NFKB1, RELA 0.5742 <0.001*
B 11 STAT1 0.7815 <0.001*
C 5 STAT3 0.5138 0.025
D 17 JUN, FOS 0.4054 0.001
E 6 MYC 0.4350 0.031
F 5 STAT6 0.7546 0.004
G 21 MYC 0.6442 <0.001*
  1. For N genes in a cluster, N(N-1)/2 pair-wise Pearson's correlations on expression were measured and their average was calculated. Next, N genes were randomly selected from a set of ~18,000 human genes and the average pair-wise correlation was calculated from the random gene set. The distribution of the average pair-wise correlation of random genes was re-estimated 1,000 times to generate a null distribution of the average pair-wise correlations. A p-value for each cluster was estimated by counting the number of random gene sets for which the average correlation is larger than the cluster correlation. *No random gene set that exceeded the cluster was found in 1,000 repeats.