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Table 2 Illustrative highly disordered Pfam domains of archaean origin

From: Archaic chaos: intrinsically disordered proteins in Archaea

Name Domain Description % D
NOP10_SULSO 1-53 nucleolar protein essential for normal 18S rRNA production and rRNA pseudouridylation 41
PUR2_METJA 1-102 related to the N-terminal domain of biotin carboxylase/carbamoyl phosphate synthetase 42
O27142_METTH 17-302 tldD and pmbA proteins, found to suppress mutations in letD and inhibit of DNA gyrase 44
Y2068_ARCFU 10-100 transmembrane region of Cytochrome C biogenesis protein believed to bind double-stranded DNA 64
RF1_METTH 2-137 eRF1 stops protein biosynthesis by recognising stop codons and stimulating peptidyl-tRNA hydrolysis 81
Y2677_METMA 7-59 CsbD, a bacterial general stress response protein 100
MTPE_SULTO 1-56 epsilon subunit of the ATP synthase, a potent inhibitor of ATPase activity 100
Q48297_HALSA 295-353 helical bundle domain, homodimer interface of the signal transducing histidine kinase family 100
Q8TTT9_METAC 235-302 NosD, a periplasmic protein thought to insert copper into the exported reductase apoenzyme 100