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Table 2 Initial concentrations of internal metabolites

From: Kinetic modeling and exploratory numerical simulation of chloroplastic starch degradation

Internal Metabolites Symbol Sub-cellular Location Initial Concentration (μM)
Debranched starch Starchdb_CS Chloroplast Stroma 0
Maltose (G2) Maltose_CY Cytosol 10
Maltose Maltose_CS Chloroplast Stroma 10
Maltotriose (G3) Maltotriose_CS Chloroplast Stroma 100
Maltopentaose (G5) Maltopentaose_CS Chloroplast Stroma 1000
Glucose Glucose_CS Chloroplast Stroma 10
Glucose Glucose_CY Cytosol 10
Arabinogalactan (AG) AG_CY Cytosol 10000
Glucosylated Arabinogalactan GlcAG_CY Cytosol 10000
  1. Evolution from these initial values gives rise to the reference steady state shown in Figs. 2 and 3. One of the underlying assumptions in our model is that the initial concentration of debranched starch is always zero.