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Figure 5

From: Genome-scale modeling using flux ratio constraints to enable metabolic engineering of clostridial metabolism in silico

Figure 5

FBrAtio predictions of solvent production using the i CAC490 model and ratios of Figure4. The model was simulated given (i) a glucose uptake rate of 10 m m o l h r · g D C W , (ii) varied SPF, (iii) constraints listed in Table 1, (iv) unidirectional acetate and butyrate secretion by diffusion, (v) f (rTHL): f (rPTA) = 2, (vi) f (rTHL): f (rAAD _1) = 10, (vii) f (CO 2 export): f (CO 2 conversion) = 5, (viii) f (rPFO): f (rLDH) = 10, (ix) f (rCoAT, butrate): f (rCoAT, acetate) = 0.63, and (x) f (rBHBD) flux ratios defined in Figure 4 as a function of the SPF. The following curves are shown: acetone (cyan), butanol (red), and ethanol (green).

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