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Table 3 Validation of regulation relationships

From: Combinatorial network of transcriptional regulation and microRNA regulation in human cancer

Regulation type Validation source Engineering method Total items Items validated Validation fraction Significance of validation fraction increase (binomial test p-value)
miRNA-to-gene TarBase Forward 86,196 583 0.6% <0.055
   Forward and reverse 1,625 16 1%  
TF-to-gene TransFAC Forward 58,417 137 0.3% 3.3e-13
   Forward and reverse 3,413 35 1%  
TF-to-miRNA TransmiR Forward 1195 23 1.9% 1.8e-5
   Forward and reverse 98 9 9.1%  
  1. *Forward: the forward-predicted regulatory relationships involving only the regulators showing up in the combinatorial regulatory network; forward and reverse: the regulatory relationships showing up in the combinatorial regulatory network.