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Table 1 Kinetic reaction rates describing the network

From: A quantitative model of the initiation of DNA replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae predicts the effects of system perturbations

Rate Description Rate equation
  Expression & Degradation  
v1 Expression of CDC6 k1
v2 Degradation of CDC6 k2CLB5·CDC6
v3 Expression of DBF4 k3
v4 Degradation of DBF4 k4DBF4·CDC20
  Formation of the Pre-Replicative Complex
v5 Association of ORC and CDC6 k5RC1·CDC6 – k5rRC2
v6 Association and nuclear import of MCM and CDT1 k6MCMC·CDT1C/(KM1 + MCMC)
v7 Loading of MCM by CDT1 k7RC2·MCM·CDT1
v8 Nuclear export of CDT1 k8CLB5·CDT1
v9 Dissociation of nuclear MCM-CDT1 complex k9MCM·CDT1 – k9rMCM·CDT1
v10 Dissociation of CDC6 from the Pre-RC k10RC3 – k10rCDC6·RC4
  Formation of the Pre-Initiation Complex
v11 Dissociation of ORC and MCM from Pre-RC k11RC4
v12 Association of DBF4 and the Pre-RC k12RC4·DBF4 – k12rRC5
v13 Association of CDC45 and the Pre-RC k13RC5·CDC45·CLB5/(KM2 + CDC45)
  Post-Replicative Complex and Ensuing Events
v14 Origin firing k14RC6
v15 Breakup of the elongation fork k15FORK
v16 Nuclear export of MCM k16MCM·CLB5
v17 Phosphorylation of ORC k17RC7/(1 + (CLB5/k18)5)