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Table 2 Optimal Values of Parameters Used to Describe the Network

From: A quantitative model of the initiation of DNA replication in Saccharomyces cerevisiae predicts the effects of system perturbations

Description Parameter Value Units % Error
Cdc6 production k1 15.982 (Mol./cell) x min-1 8.86
Cdc6 degradation k2 0.001 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 22.76
Dbf4 production k3 1368.220 (Mol./cell) x min-1 17.18
Dbf4 degradation k4 2.440 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 17.82
Cdc6 association with ORC k5 0.016 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 30.86
Cdc6 dissociation from ORC k5r 675.422 min-1 861.23
MCM-Cdt1 import k6 1.015 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 24.88
MCM loading k7 275.675 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 827.56
Cdt1 export k8 1.732 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 41.81
Dissociation of MCM·Cdt1 k9 100.881 min-1 39.84
Re-association of MCM·Cdt1 k9r 1042.739 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 41.98
Dissociation of Cdc6 from RC3 k10 936.745 min-1 32.07
Re-association of Cdc6 with RC3 k10r 352.504 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 29.39
Unloading of MCM from RC4 k11 885.147 min-1 29.61
Dbf4 association with RC4 k12 0.568 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 38.91
Dbf4 dissociation with RC4 k12r 192.628 min-1 54.52
Association of Cdc45 with RC5 k13 0.528 (Mol./cell)-1 x min-1 54.16
Fork Firing k14 0.237 min-1 30.08
Fork disassembly k15 0.097 min-1 16.52
MCM export k16 3.196 min-1 41.82
Phosphorylation of ORC k17 13.313 min-1 239.26
Dephosphorylation of ORC k18 2.497 Mol./cell 43.63
Michealis constant for import of MCM KM1 195.302 Mol./cell 2123.53
Michealis constant for association of Cdc45 KM2 8.248 Mol./cell 2094.64
  1. These values were used to solve the ODEs in our consensus model. The percentage error for each parameter is indicated.