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Table 6 Top-5 GO terms for the conserved complex predicted by NetPipe as shown in Figure 4

From: Finding trans-regulatory genes and protein complexes modulating meiotic recombination hotspots of human, mouse and yeast

Rank P-value GO term Term description
1 6.53e-012 GO:0016580 Sin3 complex
2 5.65e-011 GO:0016581 NuRD complex
3 7.08e-009 GO:0035098 ESC/E(Z) complex
4 4.71e-008 GO:0000792 Heterochromatin
5 5.38e-007 GO:0005654 Nucleoplasm
1 5.56e-010 GO:0016581 NuRD complex
2 3.89e-009 GO:0000792 Heterochromatin
3 1.86e-007 GO:0005654 Nucleoplasm
4 7.43e-007 GO:0016580 Sin3 complex
5 7.43e-007 GO:0035098 ESC/E(Z) complex