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Table 3 Enrichment of known T2DM genes in the network signatures

From: Network signatures link hepatic effects of anti-diabetic interventions with systemic disease parameters

Ranking Fold enrichment P-value
DLI network-based 8.78 3.44E-10
DLI differential expression 3.09 0.023
T0901317 network-based 3.79 5.09E-06
T0901317 differential expression 2.27 0.016
Fenofibrate network-based 7.37 1.08E-11
Fenofibrate differential expression 2.86 0.011
  1. Enrichment of genes known to be relevant to hepatic T2DM processes based on literature in the full network signatures (all genes that were assigned a positive score by the random walks algorithm), and signatures of the same size based on ranking by differential expression alone. Fold enrichment is the increase of ratio between known relevant genes and remaining genes over the signature compared to the same ratio over all genes in the dataset. The p-values were calculated using a Fisher exact test.