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Volume 9 Supplement 3

Proceedings of the Italian Society of Bioinformatics (BITS): Annual Meeting 2014: Systems Biology


Edited by Angelo Facchiano

Publication of this supplement has not been supported by sponsorship. Information aout the source of funding for publication charges can be found in the individual articles. Articles have been through the journal's standard peer review process for supplements. The Supplement Editor declares that he has no competing interests.

Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Bioinformatics Italian Society Meeting. Go to conference site.

Rome, Italy26-28 February 2014

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  1. Nowadays multidisciplinary approaches combining mathematical models with experimental assays are becoming relevant for the study of biological systems. Indeed, in cancer research multidisciplinary approaches a...

    Authors: Chiara Fornari, Gianfranco Balbo, Sami M Halawani, Omar Ba-Rukab, Ab Rahman Ahmad, Raffaele A Calogero, Francesca Cordero and Marco Beccuti
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2015 9(Suppl 3):S1
  2. Cell organization is governed and maintained via specific interactions among its constituent macromolecules. Comparison of the experimentally determined protein interaction networks in different model organism...

    Authors: Eugenia Galeota, Caius Gravila, Filippo Castiglione, Massimo Bernaschi and Gianni Cesareni
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2015 9(Suppl 3):S3
  3. The identification of drug-target interactions (DTI) is a costly and time-consuming step in drug discovery and design. Computational methods capable of predicting reliable DTI play an important role in the fie...

    Authors: Salvatore Alaimo, Vincenzo Bonnici, Damiano Cancemi, Alfredo Ferro, Rosalba Giugno and Alfredo Pulvirenti
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2015 9(Suppl 3):S4
  4. Vitis vinifera (Grapevine) is the most important fruit species in the modern world. Wine and table grapes sales contribute significantly to the economy of major wine producing countries. The most relevant goals i...

    Authors: Alfredo Pulvirenti, Rosalba Giugno, Rosario Distefano, Giuseppe Pigola, Misael Mongiovi, Girolamo Giudice, Vera Vendramin, Alessandro Lombardo, Federica Cattonaro and Alfredo Ferro
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2015 9(Suppl 3):S5
  5. The interconnection of quantitatively characterized biological devices may lead to composite systems with apparently unpredictable behaviour. Context-dependent variability of biological parts has been investig...

    Authors: Nicolò Politi, Lorenzo Pasotti, Susanna Zucca and Paolo Magni
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2015 9(Suppl 3):S6
  6. Biochemical reactions are often modelled as discrete-state continuous-time stochastic processes evolving as memoryless Markov processes. However, in some cases, biochemical systems exhibit non-Markovian dynami...

    Authors: Davide Chiarugi, Moreno Falaschi, Diana Hermith, Carlos Olarte and Luca Torella
    Citation: BMC Systems Biology 2015 9(Suppl 3):S8